Quick note, long-term profit

Women at work: Quick notes can lead to opportunities

Arlene Hisiger   Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper

The opportunity to facilitate a positive connection is literally at your fingertips.

Arlene Hisiger

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Tired of going to after-hours mixers, networking get-togethers, and job fairs? Yet feel compelled to work them into your drumming-up-new-business routine?

Why not pay attention to TV and radio news, the newspaper's business section, trade publications' who's who, or LinkedIn updates? All of these venues are rife with opportunities to reach out to potential new clients or business partners (without a cover charge or dress code).

A colleague (whom I'll call Sue) has successfully found new business by doing just that. Case in point: A year ago, after reading in a trade newsletter about a fellow writer's success in finding her writing niche, Sue dashed off a congratulatory note and mentioned that if ever the successful writer found herself mired in projects that were way more than she could handle, Sue would be happy to help ease her workload.

Sue never received a response. That is, until two weeks ago — a full year later! Turns out, the successful writer kept her note and reached out to Sue for assistance with a writing project that she did not have time to complete by deadline.

Not all shot-in-the-dark communication will reap rewards, but the opportunity to facilitate a positive connection is literally at your fingertips. How often have you read a write-up of someone's promotion, move, or expansion of business services? Was your first impulse to write that person to congratulate them and offer to assist should the need arise?

Most of us spend the bulk of our working hours in front of computers or within easy reach of our smartphones. It would not be much of a stretch to compose a short note acknowledging another's business announcements and accomplishments. The trick is to strike while the iron is hot. Chances are, if you wait, the inspiration to act on your positive impulse will fade — along with the potential for a meaningful business connection.

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