Woman to Watch: Claudia Blumenstock

Woman to watch: Claudia Blumenstock

Arlene Hisiger, herRochester.com    December 5, 2013

Claudia Blumenstock
Claudia Blumenstock, a healthcare industry professional, was intent on employing games as a medium through which leaders of organizations could best hone their skills. Try as she might, she could not get the game she was attempting to develop to work to her satisfaction.

After a year of thwarted attempts she turned to her then 10-year-old son, Gabriel, for assistance. Within an hour, Gabriel succeeded in arriving at the desired outcome. Not to be outdone, his 6-year-old brother, Jacob, a classical music enthusiast, decided that he too wanted to create a game dedicated to classical music composers. Thus began the transformation of a devoted mom and her two talented sons into entrepreneurs. They formed a game invention company, aptly named: Three of Hearts, LLC ©.

Although well-versed in market research, Blumenstock quickly learned that building a company from scratch meant acquiring an entire universe of new knowledge. Luckily, she had experts generously willing to share their expertise. From the outset, Blumenstock and her sons envisioned their company to be youth-centric – driven by kids' energy. In keeping with that early vision, the game pieces for their board game Rockin with Bach 'n the Gang ©(with images of famous composers) were created from sketches drawn by young New York City art students.

"Even though the company is a game invention company, the whole idea is to teach kids how to be entrepreneurs," Blumenstock said. "I give them a medium to work in and provide them ongoing guidance and they, in turn, take what they have learned and apply it to the games."

A team of teenagers bring an impressive array of skills to the enterprise, including engineering, research, graphics, advanced Photoshop skills, and oral presentation and marketing skills.

As president and CEO of the company, Blumenstock noted, "Society tends to minimize what kids understand and what they know. I have always let their gifts shine through." She takes satisfaction in the fact that she has molded her team into a poised, well-mannered and respectful entity. "I do not permit bad behavior," she said. "I teach these kids to be impeccable. I've taught them to communicate with others with respect and gratitude."

Blumenstock also works as a consultant through her business Copernicus Inc. The business promotes engaging older adults in intellectual and social pursuits and caters to academic institutions as well as community organizations across the healthcare continuum.

"I believe that the two settings I work in make the world a better place because I bring benefit to both sides of the equation," Blumenstock said. "With Three of Hearts LLC © I am able to support the gifts and ingenuity of young adults, while bringing a valuable product to market – one that promotes learning in a fun way. Copernicus Inc. provides opportunities for older adults to maintain both their mental and emotional vitality."

In addition to her work, Blumenstock finds time to serve as a corporate development mentor for the Honeoye Falls-Lima/Rush F.I.R.S.T. robotics team, helping student team members raise funds, supporting them at competition events, and advising them on marketing and award submission. She also is an advisory board member for the national aging organization, CCAL. "Being a part of the board speaks to my passion about engaged living for older adults," Blumenstock said.

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