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Board of Directors Spotlight: Hunter Low

“Baseball is a game with great tradition behind it,” Hunter Low states with the confident tone of a true believer. “Everyone remembers their first exposure to it.” To lend credence to his remark, he nostalgically recalls the first time his dad and granddad took him to a New Orleans Pelicans baseball game. While the team is gone, his memory of that game clearly is not. “The stands were made of wood and so were the fences,” he says, smiling at the memory. That’s where the knothole concept comes from … the knothole in the wooden fence where kids who couldn’t afford a ticket to the game looked in.”

Hunter laughingly shares that he recently discovered a cache of old camp letters he mailed home when he was at a sleep-away camp outside of New Orleans. “How are the Pelicans doing?” he’d invariable ask in every letter home. “My mom had to cut out the scores and send them to me,” he remembers, chuckling at the degree to which he was obsessed with the Pelicans.

In 1991, Hunter received a phone call in which a question was posed to him; his answer would have a lasting impact on his life – fifteen years’ worth to be exact. The question? Would he consider becoming a member of the Red Wings’ Board of Directors? Saying yes to that proposal was something that has indeed had a lasting impact …

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