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Board of Directors Spotlight: Paul Ozminko

Paul Ozminkowski is a man of many talents, among them his ability to downplay them all. Case in point: Paul, at the time a partner in a local accounting firm, so impressed the executives of one of his client companies - V.I. Manufacturing Inc. - that they embarked on a campaign to recruit him to join their staff. Today, he's president of this growing precision sheet metal company that has two locations in Webster.

Having served as the company's chief financial officer for the first four years before becoming president, Paul still seems somewhat bemused by the way things turned out, having planned on a more conventional use of his accounting degree.

His partnership in the accounting firm not only served as a springboard for his current role as president of V.I., it also gave him the opportunity to get involved in the community. Among other things, he has served on the Board of Directors of Rochester Community Baseball.

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