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Excerpt From Cookbook Introduction

Cinnamon, Saffron & Sesame is part culinary collection and part cultural reservoir.

From the outset, we determined that in order to impart the full flavor of the dishes featured in this cookbook it was vital that we include, as well, a decidedly intangible ingredient yet one fundamental to culinary success.

Recipes are not created in a vacuum; rather they emerge from cultural wellsprings. By including national perspectives along with the featured recipes, we hope to recreate, in some small measure, the cultural nuances that inform each recipe.

The power of person-to-person culinary transmission cannot be underestimated. Often, when we would ask people to contribute recipes to the cookbook our request would invariably be met with the same refrain: “I don’t have a recipe, I just put in a little of this and a little of that, the way my grandmother…mother…aunt…taught me!

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