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Global Healer

Physicians admired her technical skills, patients her kind and considerate care. A gifted sonographer; all agreed that Barbara Rosenberg was destined to go far. But, neither Rosenberg nor those who predicted her positive professional trajectory could ever have imagined just how far!

Characteristically, the path she ultimately followed began with an act of kindness. In 1980, when the 40-something Rochester native was but a rookie sonographer in Rochester General Hospital’s ultrasound unit ,a new hire, Kathy Velekkakan, noted her extraordinary skills and asked if she would be willing to mentor her. Rosenberg readily agreed. Initially, Rosenberg assumed the role of teacher and Velekkakan that of student, but the two quickly became hard and fast friends.

Eighteen years after their initial meeting, Velekkakan approached Rosenberg with another request. “How would you like to go to Africa?” she asked. But Velekkakan was not proposing a fun-in-the-sun-let’s-go-see-the-wild-animals safari. She had something altogether different in mind…

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