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Company Marketing Letter

Our product is so thin; you might not notice it at all. But our clients do.

They notice the difference in internal climate control, the colorfastness of their furniture and carpets, the texture of their skin and much more…funny how a thin window film can have such wide-ranging impact!

For the past 15 years, “company x,” a five-star authorized 3M Window Film Dealer, has added value to our clients’ working and living environments by applying a laminate-based film product to their windows.

Excluding Hollywood; we’re the best in the film business!

While the benefits of “company x” run the gamut from hurricane and home intruder protection to enhanced privacy, our green energy solutions are what today’s clients find most appealing.

As General Manager of “company x,” I, John Doe, invite you to join us in facilitating the green lifestyle…and in the process make a little “green” too.

Every business relies upon solid leads from trusted associates to expand their client base. As a valued business associate, I am pleased to offer you “a dollar amount” for every new residential or commercial client that installs our product on their windows.

I’ll be contacting you soon to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.


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