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Stale bread

Arlene Hisiger: Find your way out of a stale career

Arlene Hisiger


    Does your job feel like last week’s loaf of bread, kinda stale and not too exciting? Have you been willfully ignoring the breaking news bulletins with greater and greater frequency on YINN (your internal news network)?

    Be honest. Deep down you know that your job may well have exceeded its expiration date, but you've put any thought of exploration or change in deep freeze.

    Admittedly, the economy is shaky and good jobs are hard to find. Does that mean that you are destined to stay in a dead-end or stifling job forever? Not necessarily.

    Provided you are not in an abusive environment, there is no need to make a rash Hollywood-style exit.

    While you may be tempted to fashion yourself after the proverbial lone cowboy riding off into the sunset to carve out your destiny, the romance of that idea fades rather quickly when you run out of coin.

    Part of pursuing the American Dream is to personalize the dream — to tread the path of what if? If you are uncertain about your passion, think about the articles you prefer to read, what catches your eye as you walk down the street — chances are, that’s your passion.

    Once you are mindful of what piques your interest, here are a few ways to translate that into action:

    • Ask someone in your chosen field if you could shadow them at work.

    • Make a coffee date with someone working in your chosen area of interest to further explore the pros and cons.

    • Read as much material as you can on the subject.

    • Attend lectures.

    You may just be on your way to transforming that stale bread into some tasty dough.

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