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Steps You Can Take to Overcome Rejection

Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper, May 3, 2011   


Written by Arlene Hisiger

Ah yes ... rejection, the uncomfortable yet undeniable relative to the better known three R's of our school days. Most teachers, even seasoned professionals, skirt the subject or deny its existence for fear of its paralyzing effect.
What results can cadres of unsuspecting graduates expect when they are left to learn defensive measures against rejection in the school of hard knocks? Those who aren't prepared to cope with rejection are likely doomed to succumb to it.
Overstating my case, you say? Well, consider this: What good are straight A's if you aren't called in for an interview, considered for a project or can't land the job?

I have put together some antidotes to rejection.

Have a game plan. Keep a notebook or online file containing all correspondence. Organize it in a manner that is most effective for you. Do not use this file as a means to berate yourself for not previously getting the result you desired. Mine it for its possibilities. Use it as a teaser file for when you are trying to decide who to pitch an idea to even if you were rejected before.
Be creative. Sometimes you may want to be a bit daring. Use preemptive tactics such as presenting a potential employer with a spiffed-up version of the company's existing marketing.
Talk therapy. Don't let your inner conversation dominate. Meet with colleagues, mentors or friends and mull things over with them. Most times they will bring an unexpected perspective that could be the game changer.

There's always tomorrow. Continue to network and brainstorm, but take time to relax. My best ideas seem to surface once they've had a chance to simmer a while.

With just these few tools, you can overcome rejection and build toward success.

Hisiger is a freelance writer.

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