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Well-Written Profile Helps Your Company

Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper, January 11, 2011
Written by Arlene Hisiger

In an age when all that twitters is tweet, one might easily buy into Shakespeare's notion in Hamlet: "Brevity is the soul of wit." But the reality is that in the corporate world, people who can get to the point quickly and effectively are an endangered species. Being an effective communicator, however, is not predicated on one's talent for truncated communication.

Or, to put it another way, bikini-sized briefs hold just so much water.

So let's examine what long-hand communication offers. Consider using it to advertise your uniqueness by creating a company or personal profile. A truly engaging, well-executed profile is a mix of salient data and lively narrative.

Great profiles include:

Brief history: Engage your reader with an interesting story about how you or your company evolved to be what you currently are. Did you or your company begin with a different mission? Why did that mission change and how did you or your company uniquely respond to those new circumstances?


Breaking news: Broadcast promotions, expansions, awards, grants and value-added contributions to your respective field of endeavor. But do so in a way that will draw the reader's attention.


Your distinctive role: This section is, frankly, what the reader cares about most. Make it count. You're here. Why should we care? Your goal is to convince the reader that you or your company is the undisputed marketplace maven.

And don't forget to put your bragging rights to work. Point to some "bright lights" clients who have chosen to work with you. There's nothing wrong with name dropping; top-shelf clients enhance credibility.


A great profile is a powerful way to magnify your presence. So give it a go — all you've got to lose is the opportunity to communicate who you and your company really are.


Hisiger is a freelance writer in Rochester.

Contact Arlene at 585-442-6108 or wordtailor@aol.com
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