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Woman to Watch: Amanda Teugeman

Woman to Watch: Amanda Teugeman

Arlene Hisiger 

The Webster native is the administrator of Unity Health System's Edna Tina Wilson Living Center, a 120-bed skilled nursing facility in Greece.


(Photo: Photo provided by Unity Health)

You might say Amanda Teugeman's career chose her.

When Teugeman turned 15, she became an employee of the Maplewood Nursing Home in Webster.

"I worked in the dining room as a dietary server. I was scared out of my mind," Teugeman says. "It's not as if I hadn't grown up loving to spend time with my grandparents and great grandparents ... but this was different."

Her first day on the job, she met a group of women who would forever change her life. One of the women, noticing how frightened she appeared to be, said to her: "Don't worry, we are going to be your friends."

The budding friendship was soon cemented by a shared December birthday — although their birth dates were 83 years apart.

Teugeman found that she enjoyed listening to her friend — and the other residents' stories, including being rescued from the Titanic.

"I was just mesmerized by their stories," Teugeman says. "I knew then that I wanted to be a part of caring for the aging population. In addition to medical care, they need emotional support — they need conversation."

Today, Teugeman, 30, is the administrator of Unity Health System's Edna Tina Wilson Living Center, a 120-bed skilled nursing facility, in Greece, and is currently guiding it through a major renovation.

Teugeman was nominated by her employer to become a member of the National Leadership Academy, an organization tasked with identifying and addressing gaps in aging services. As a member, she travels nationwide to progressive elder-care sites to learn best practices and how they collaborate with their respective communities. Along with her team, she recently presented the findings of this project at a conference.

"I didn't expect, so soon, to be where I am now," Teugeman says. "I am lucky to work for an organization that has helped me move into the position I have and has helped me grow and develop in my field."


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