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Would You Trust this Man?

Why not?

By the time he was 13 years old, Bob S. had entered his first bass tournament. He came in third. With new tackle and cash prize in hand Bob knew at once he was hooked.

Unlike most high school students, who flipped burgers and delivered pizza during the summer for some extra cash, Bob was content to “flip jigs” and rely on the skills that he had been honing since he was a kid fishing small ponds and streams around town.

And those skills did not let him down.

By the time he finished high school he had fished in more than 20 local and regional tournaments winning first place honors in five events and placing in the top five in eight tournaments.

His reputation as a lean, mean, bass fishing machine had been established!

Bob’s firsthand knowledge of fishing combined with his technical knowledge has greatly contributed to his successful facilitation of seminars, product development, and all aspects of branding.

With an ever-increasing satisfied client list one thing Bob does not have to fish for are compliments!

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